Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ecommerce Website: Most Important Tasks to Do

Ecommerce website development is something most businesses look for these days. Ecommerce solutions give them the opportunity target customers beyond their geographical proximity and sell products directly to the end user without having to pay anything to the intermediaries such as distributors and retailers. To make the most out of your ecommerce development you need to adopt the right strategies to stay ahead in the race. Here are a few important things that you should do once you launch your online store. 

1. Create XML Sitemap and Robots.txt – It is very important to attract search engine crawlers to your website and XML sitemap does it for you. You can upload your sitemap using Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Central and Yahoo Site Explorer. Apart from this you should also set up a robots.txt file to prevent search engines from indexing unwanted pages such as privacy policy, FAQ etc. on the results pages.

2. Set Up Google Analytics – If you know who visits your online store, from where, using what keywords and what are the most popular pages in your website this data can enhance your marketing campaign. Google Analytics is a free analytic tool which gives you valuable stats on your website. You can also set up goals and try and achieve this within and set time frame.

3. Use 301 Redirects – It is quite common for you to have multiple URLs for the same page such as, or Now you should consolidate all this traffic into a single page and this can be achieved using a 301 redirect. This small tweak can help you rank considerably higher on the search engines.

4. Set Up Product Feeds – Feeds can be difficult to setup but is a worthwhile effort as this can drive in tons of traffic to your ecommerce store and add to your sales and revenue. You can create feeds and submit it to sources such as Google, MSN Shopping, etc. and this will boost the SEO score of your website.

5. Cash In On Social Media – Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are awesome marketing platforms and allow you to market your online store virally. You should set up a well-designed Facebook Page and create a Twitter account for your store and post regular updates on them. Apart from this other social media networks which you should target include YouTube, Flickr, MySpace and Scribd among others.

6. Create A Blog – You are aware of the fact that fresh and unique content helps your website stay on top of the search engines. You may not be adding new products to your store regularly. In such a case a blog gives you the perfect platform to keep your website updated. You can write product reviews, talk about the launch of new products etc. Blog also gives you a perfect opportunity to connect with your customers.
7. Customize Product Listings – It is a common practice to copy and paste the products description sent out by the manufacturers. But when dozens of other stores do the same it doesn’t add value on the search engines. Thus it is advisable that you write unique content for all products listed in your website and if you can’t manage for all do this at least for the bestselling products.

8. Localize – If the online store is merely meant to support your brick and mortar store you should localize your online store to figure in the local search results. You can do this easily using Google Places, Yelp, Yellowpages, CitySearch, Bing Local and Yahoo Local etc. This will give you the edge for highly targeted and localized searches.

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