Sunday, January 22, 2012

Important elements involved in On Page Optimization

A simple look at any of the search engines and one would know that the choices are immense and the competition is loud and enormous. The present day development in terms of science and technology and the phenomenal growth of web services have allowed the businesses to enter into the very living rooms of the customers, with the help of a website. However, the competition is fierce. There is a tussle going on between various websites to appear earlier than each other on the search engine result pages and you are unlikely to gain a single dime if you fail to display your web application on the first page, perhaps in the top ten rankings.
The same has called for expert search engine optimization services, in order to make the website search engine friendly and rank high on the search engine results. Just having a good content is no longer enough to make the application popular online the content has to be optimized as well for better search engine rankings. One of the aspects of search engine optimization is On Page Optimization. When you opt for on page optimization of your page, you not only make it a favorite of different search engines, but also systematically arranges the content and information in such a way, to give your readers a very relaxed and sorted reading experience.

The different elements of on page optimization are discussed below –
  1. Title Tag Optimization – Title tag is what appears at the top of any web page. It is the primary aspect with which any search engine recognizes the keywords of a particular page. For the sake of title tag optimization, you need to carry out a detailed keyword research and come up with the keywords / key phrases which have the maximum number of searches, specific to your industry. Include the same and then add your brand name / company name in the title tag. It is crucial to write the keyword / key phrase first and than your brand name as the search engine crawlers will identify the page with the keyword and the popularity of the keyword / phrase will help lift you up in the virtual arena.

  1. Meta Tag Optimization – Meta tag optimization comes really handy for search engine optimization of your website. Meta tags actually contain the definition or description about the data. Thus, very briefly and concisely they explain what the data is all about and as a result, are favored by search engines and users as well. It is again imperative for you to include the proper keywords, key phrases in the Meta tag description, to facilitate the search engines results.

  1. The different HTML tags are really important – HTML forms the basis of any web application and as for on page optimization, it is required for you to pay attention to the HTML tags and make keywords optimized. The different HTML tags which need attention are discussed below –
  • The Header Tags – Certain professionals insist upon calling them Heading tags however that’s not the point. The point is to use the header tags smartly to gain SEO benefits. Header 1 (H1 tag) must include the most important piece of information in the entire content. It must contain the title and supreme heading of your website. Header 2 and 3 (H2 and H3) comes next in the hierarchy and can be used to define the important posts and pages of the website. H4 is not really significant for on page optimization.
  • Bold, italics and quote unquote – These are significant options available with you to uniquely represent a certain piece of information and make it more search engine and user friendly.

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