Sunday, January 8, 2012

Google Analytics: Best Solution for Your Website Analysis

In today's world of internet where there is competition all around, it is extremely important to not only have a professional and visually appealing website, but it is also equally important to ensure that your site has all the aspects perfect and fully functional. To accomplish this task, one must analyze the website. Now a website consists of different aspects and it is necessary to analyze all the aspects and their functionality in order to ensure better returns and search engine results. When it comes to website analysis, Google analytics is second to none. In fact, Google analytics is the best solution for website analysis.

Google analytics is basically a tool that helps you analyze different aspects of a website like number of statistical data regarding the website such as visits, page views, pages per visit, bounce rates and average time on sites etc. It is a free service offered by Google. It provides detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. With the help of Google analytics, you can measure the advertising ROI and you can also keep track of your Flash applications, video and social networking sites. It also gives you useful information like how people found your site and how they explored it. It also tells you how you can further enhance the visitor experience. With this useful information, you can easily improve your website's return on investment and increase your conversion rate. You can further enhance the strong aspects of your website that helped in driving quality traffic to your site. And you can plan a strategy to empower the weaker aspects of your site.
Google analytics give you a very clear information about the type of users your site receives. To make business more successful, it is necessary to be familiar with your users and understand their requirements so that you can cater to them in a more efficient manner. Another great feature of Google analytics is that it tells you what is effective and what is not in terms of how you reach your audience. To understand this better, consider the following example. Suppose you have books website with different genres of books. You will come to know which genres are more popular and preferred by people. Using this information, you can easily find out what is working for you and what is not. It also lets you solicit valuable input from your readers to find out even better what is not working in your favor. Thus based on this useful information, you can remove those aspects which are not bearing fruits for you and instead add more of the relevant content.
Google analytics also frees up your time. Earlier it took a lot of money and manpower to collect information. But now information is available at a click. This has helped business owners to work more effectively. It is an effective tool that provides data regarding web traffic. You can also use this tool for better business research and market research. This can help you to take necessary action in order to reach out to the audience in a much better manner that ever before. By finding out the number of hits, a business can direct its advertising either to increase the popularity or to sustain the popularity that has been earned.

Thus it is evident that Google analytics is a very helpful tool that helps immensely in improving the overall performance of a site and hence the ROI of a business. If you want to reap excellent dividends from your online business, the you must use Google analytics. It will definitely help you improve your website and return on investment.

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