Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Spread Your Business Globally?

The world is a global village now and your business needs to have a global approach. You may not have sold your products and services to the global clientele yet but you should always bank on the first opportunity that comes your way. The first step to global approach is to have a good website. A good business web design reflects upon your brand, your business values and your exposure to the latest trends in the market. No wonder there is such a high demand for custom web development. This gives you brand recognition which is of so much importance in today’s competitive business environment.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A logo is a unique entity which on its own represents the corporate house. A logo can be viewed as the sole pictorial representation of what the business is all about, what is it's ideologies and what exactly does it stands for. Though at times, a logo only includes the first alphabet of the name of the organization or is designed on the similar lines, but even the design speaks volumes about the corporate entity. A sleek, crisp and unique design soon gains the reverence of the users, where as an insipid and old design discourages the users from using the products or services of the business house.
Redesigning the Logo – A cumbersome task
Redesigning the logo of the enterprise is anything but an easy task. To begin with, the logo has represented the business entity for a long time now and there has been a lot of conditioned learning that the users have gone through. So, whether they like it or not, they do seem to identify the business with the current design. Provided that, if the redesign is not carried out in a systematic and efficient way, it may be a devastating blow to the business. A redesign has to be better than the existing design and much more easy to comprehend. Following are the reasons which suggests its time to change the logo of your enterprise.

Signs You Need a Logo Update
  • If the design of the logo has got old — it may be possible that at the time of designing the logo, the color scheme that you choose was trendy and up beat but with the time it has fallen off the sacks and is not really as appealing as it used to be. In short, every design has a life of its own and your design has simply grown old.
  • Secondly, it may also be possible that with time your enterprise may have gone on to expand and cover a lot of different aspects, and the present logo is no longer capable enough of representing all that your enterprise stands for now.
  • Lastly, a shift in the audience group may also out date the logo. It is likely that the same design would mean two completely different things for different types of audience, especially in cross cultural environment. Thus if you are going global or planning to penetrate in new user markets, a change of design of the logo is a must.
Your logo design is ambiguous – the main purpose behind designing the logo of the business entity is to leave a distinct mark on your customers – regular, prospected or otherwise. A clear indication that your business logo is ambiguous is when the customers fail to relate the logo with the enterprise. It may also be possible that the design of the logo looks good in color version but fails to impress in the black and white or vice versa.
Survey your customers, and if they fail to remember the logo, it is the time to change the same.

Tips for a Successful Logo Makeover
If you have made up your mind to redesign the logo of the website, the following tips are a must follow, in order to avoid any disaster and come up with a good design.
  • Carry out a detailed research — it is imperative for you to run a back ground check and do your research before carrying out the redesigning process. Search through the libraries and of redesigning logos. Check the existing ones and the redesigned ones. Also check which of the designs worked and which of them did not etc.
  • Know your reasons for changing the logo design — the two major reasons have been discussed in detail, above, and whatever the reason is, it is imperative for you to clearly know it before moving ahead in the process of redesign. This will play a crucial role in the entire process of redesigning.
  • Think if its just a modification or a complete overhaul — the reason why you are changing the logo decides whether you just need to modify it a little or for a complete overhaul. A little modifications can be carried out easily but complete overhaul is quite a big step and must be taken carefully.
  • Understand the important aspects of the current design — carry out a complete study of the website and understand which of the parts / elements you would want to keep even if you are opting for a complete overhaul of the design.
  • The systematic hit and trial method — at the time of redesigning, the intelligent step is to come up with more than one, may be three close contenders of the design and then perhaps distribute the same in the office staff, ask your colleagues etc. and ask them to pick their favorites. The one which gets the maximum votes, is your new logo design. 

Author Bio- PixelCrayons is the professional web design company proving all types of business web design, custom web development and custom website development soultion to its client all over the globe since last 7 years successfully.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Important elements involved in On Page Optimization

A simple look at any of the search engines and one would know that the choices are immense and the competition is loud and enormous. The present day development in terms of science and technology and the phenomenal growth of web services have allowed the businesses to enter into the very living rooms of the customers, with the help of a website. However, the competition is fierce. There is a tussle going on between various websites to appear earlier than each other on the search engine result pages and you are unlikely to gain a single dime if you fail to display your web application on the first page, perhaps in the top ten rankings.
The same has called for expert search engine optimization services, in order to make the website search engine friendly and rank high on the search engine results. Just having a good content is no longer enough to make the application popular online the content has to be optimized as well for better search engine rankings. One of the aspects of search engine optimization is On Page Optimization. When you opt for on page optimization of your page, you not only make it a favorite of different search engines, but also systematically arranges the content and information in such a way, to give your readers a very relaxed and sorted reading experience.

The different elements of on page optimization are discussed below –
  1. Title Tag Optimization – Title tag is what appears at the top of any web page. It is the primary aspect with which any search engine recognizes the keywords of a particular page. For the sake of title tag optimization, you need to carry out a detailed keyword research and come up with the keywords / key phrases which have the maximum number of searches, specific to your industry. Include the same and then add your brand name / company name in the title tag. It is crucial to write the keyword / key phrase first and than your brand name as the search engine crawlers will identify the page with the keyword and the popularity of the keyword / phrase will help lift you up in the virtual arena.

  1. Meta Tag Optimization – Meta tag optimization comes really handy for search engine optimization of your website. Meta tags actually contain the definition or description about the data. Thus, very briefly and concisely they explain what the data is all about and as a result, are favored by search engines and users as well. It is again imperative for you to include the proper keywords, key phrases in the Meta tag description, to facilitate the search engines results.

  1. The different HTML tags are really important – HTML forms the basis of any web application and as for on page optimization, it is required for you to pay attention to the HTML tags and make keywords optimized. The different HTML tags which need attention are discussed below –
  • The Header Tags – Certain professionals insist upon calling them Heading tags however that’s not the point. The point is to use the header tags smartly to gain SEO benefits. Header 1 (H1 tag) must include the most important piece of information in the entire content. It must contain the title and supreme heading of your website. Header 2 and 3 (H2 and H3) comes next in the hierarchy and can be used to define the important posts and pages of the website. H4 is not really significant for on page optimization.
  • Bold, italics and quote unquote – These are significant options available with you to uniquely represent a certain piece of information and make it more search engine and user friendly.

Author Bio- Professional custom web development services by PixelCrayons, specializing in ecommerce website development, custom website development solutions & custom web application development solutions.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Magento is an ecommerce platform for building your online business. Magento is a very advanced and fast growing ecommerce business solution. It has changed the way online advertising was once looked at.  Online business solutions are for the merchants and brands that want to take business to the next level where by just a few clicks everything is done. Magento provides the perfect solution to all the ecommerce related problems and has become a prominent name in the online world. Magento has the capability to build websites according to the requirement of the brands which further helps in kick-starting the business. Given that the online based businesses need a strong base, Magento Developers provide exactly that making it convenient for the small businesses to survive and big brands to bloom.

What does ecommerce mean? Electronic commerce or ecommerce is the paperless exchange of business information using electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic bulletin boards, e-mails and electronic funds transfer. It refers to Internet shopping, online stock and bond transactions, the downloading and selling of software, documents, graphics, and music and business-to-business transactions. Ecommerce is all about giving customers control and through a simple way let them choose what they want. Life has improved with the introduction of ecommerce as people can research and be well informed before they trade. This awareness has lead to better setup of internet websites that provide a platform for online transactions. Knowing the facts about how trading is done makes the customers want more secure gateways and detailed information on the products and services provided. The small merchants want a total solution for their online business so that with a more professional viewpoint the success is more.

The Magento gives its clients a platform to be flexible and design ecommerce websites with best possible and advanced features to make the website more attractive and interesting. What makes Magento an important online business solution? The features that Magento developers provide in the ecommerce website development are updated with the modern technology, as well as, according to the brand they provide the best way of how to go about it, so that the website makes a mark and is a sure success.  It is not easy to attract customers on websites. The mindset of the target audience with their preferences is the top priority that is kept in mind while designing an online web store. Magento provides software to small merchants to aid them in setting up their business on net.

The way trends of internet transactions are changing with such a pace that it’s not easy to keep up. But Magento ecommerce development is keeping up with all the transformation and revolutionized business techniques that are being used and how can it benefit the merchant setting up their company. Magento development has made a difference over past few years and totally changed the outlook of online shopping, and ways of doing business online. With such advance techniques Magento ecommerce website development has now become a very important business solution tool. It not only a ray of hope for the emerging companies but also a great opportunity for the amateur traders to set a proper base for a better future.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There are two things that count most when it comes to ecommerce website development – usability and security. It is thus very important that you choose the right development platform when it comes to building your online store. Magento development has become a favorite with the businesses as it is a flexible and robust ecommerce platform. In a short life span it has taken lead in the market as Magento developers have designed tens of thousands of online stores catering to a wide array of businesses from those selling clothes and apparels to those which sell niche products via auction.
Statistics show that Magento ecommerce development has increased the conversion rate of businesses which have adopted this technology. The stores come with many exciting features such as live currency converter, social shopping, dynamic shipping and user review of products and services listed which make shopping a great experience for the users. These ecommerce stores tend to engage the audience which increases your sales and revenue.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Google Analytics: Best Solution for Your Website Analysis

In today's world of internet where there is competition all around, it is extremely important to not only have a professional and visually appealing website, but it is also equally important to ensure that your site has all the aspects perfect and fully functional. To accomplish this task, one must analyze the website. Now a website consists of different aspects and it is necessary to analyze all the aspects and their functionality in order to ensure better returns and search engine results. When it comes to website analysis, Google analytics is second to none. In fact, Google analytics is the best solution for website analysis.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In today’s times, there is a lot of stress on developing and designing a custom made website which are instrumental in showcasing the various facets of the business in the online world. An online market is the recent development which enables the customers to position their products in the online market in a more effective way than they do in the physical market. Besides, there are no infrastructure investments when you opt for an online market. Joomla Development is being widely used today to develop websites. The various factors which make Joomla a noteworthy solution for creating efficient marketplace are discussed further in the write up.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

4 Important Steps for a Successful Web Design

Today there is a lot of pressure on the businesses to perform and excel. Extra emphasis are laid on maximizing the revenue and minimizing the costs attached to it. The market forces today are highly dynamic and it is hard to be certain about anything. However one of the easiest shot one can have at maximizing the businesses output, without increasing the cost overheads or stepping out of the budget is to opt for Custom Web  Development for an enterprise. The present day users or customers are very much aware about the highly technical world around, they are well educated and put the Internet to right use and search for their desired products and services over the Internet. A business website gives you an opportunity to contact high amount of users, advertise and promote your products and services to them in the most relaxed and comfortable ways and henceforth escalate your earning potential.

What Exactly is Business Web Design?

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