Wednesday, September 11, 2013

25 Most Useful PHP Tutorials for Beginners

PHP, first known as Personal Home Page and then Hypertext Preprocessor, is an advanced web development platform and a server side scripting language. PHP is easy to master and since it is an open source scripting language, anyone can use it hassle free. The global support community enhances its efficiency with advanced solutions and daily updates. Those who want to benefit from this web development platform can refer to the tutorials mentioned below. These 25 PHP tutorials are available with detailed demos online.

Image rotation using PHP and JS (JavaScript) as in Facebook

Using PHP ExcelReader to view Excel sheets

Using PHP or XPath way for XML Parsing

Retrieving the Google Analytics data using PHP

Gmail retrieval using PHP and IMAP

Caching database-intensive dynamic PHP pages

Creation of directory trees for keeping track of multiple files using PHP and jQuery

Conversion From MySQL to jQuery with PHP, XML, and Ajax

HTTP Authentication with PHP

PHP to send HTML emails

Working principle of URL shortner

Using Custom ini files with PHP

Auto face detection feature with PHP

Command line Twitter updation with PHP / Javascript

Basic web service creation with PHP + MySQL

Multithreading of PHP with the use of CURL

Gzipping CSS files using PHP

Source-to-destination directory copying with PHP

How to make RESTful requests with PHP

Doing debugging in PHP

HTML Scraper

Secured file upload in PHP

Database backup in XML using PHP

Addition of secure login features using PHP

How to do quick PHP application optimization?


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