Thursday, September 26, 2013

20+ PHP Libraries to Make the Developer's Job Simpler

PHP has become the universal server-side scripting language, which is prominently used for development of websites, where the server interaction is mandatory and should be effective. It is also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is found installed in 1.1 web servers as well as 244 million websites. PHP libraries are available in a good collection, where the important implementations of certain behaviors are found coded ready-made, to be used in the web development coding. These libraries can be easily invoked to enable numerous functionalities of a website, and thus help in saving a lot of time & effort in coding the regular modules, which are a part of the regular web coding.

Check below, 20+ PHP development Libraries to Make the Developer's Job Simpler.

Dispatch – Micro Framework

Klein – Lightning fast router for PHP

Ham – Routing Library with Caching

Assetic – Asset Management

ImageWorkshop – Image Manipulation with Layers

Snappy – Snapshot/PDF Library

Idiorm – Lightweight ORM Library

Underscore – PHP’s Utility Belt

Requests – Easy HTTP Requests

Buzz – Simple HTTP Request Library

Goutte – Web Scraping Library

Carbon – DateTime Library

Ubench – Micro Benchmarking Library

Validation – Input Validation Engine

Filterus – Filtering Library

Faker – Fake Data Generator

Mustache.php – Elegant Templating Library

Gaufrette – File System Abstraction Layer

Omnipay – Payment Processing Library

Upload – For Handling File Uploads


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