Thursday, September 26, 2013

20+ PHP Libraries to Make the Developer's Job Simpler

PHP has become the universal server-side scripting language, which is prominently used for development of websites, where the server interaction is mandatory and should be effective. It is also used as a general-purpose programming language. PHP is found installed in 1.1 web servers as well as 244 million websites. PHP libraries are available in a good collection, where the important implementations of certain behaviors are found coded ready-made, to be used in the web development coding. These libraries can be easily invoked to enable numerous functionalities of a website, and thus help in saving a lot of time & effort in coding the regular modules, which are a part of the regular web coding.

Check below, 20+ PHP development Libraries to Make the Developer's Job Simpler.

Dispatch – Micro Framework

Klein – Lightning fast router for PHP

Ham – Routing Library with Caching

Assetic – Asset Management

ImageWorkshop – Image Manipulation with Layers

Snappy – Snapshot/PDF Library

Idiorm – Lightweight ORM Library

Underscore – PHP’s Utility Belt

Requests – Easy HTTP Requests

Buzz – Simple HTTP Request Library

Goutte – Web Scraping Library

Carbon – DateTime Library

Ubench – Micro Benchmarking Library

Validation – Input Validation Engine

Filterus – Filtering Library

Faker – Fake Data Generator

Mustache.php – Elegant Templating Library

Gaufrette – File System Abstraction Layer

Omnipay – Payment Processing Library

Upload – For Handling File Uploads

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top 20 Twitter Profiles for Web Design Lovers

Twitter has always been a great hub for all the knowledge you want, regardless of the subject you are interested in. The same is the case with all of you who are interested in web design and to increase your knowledge and information about the subject, you can easily keep up with a few of the best designers in the world through their Twitter profiles, and know the latest updates and expert opinions at all the aspects which are of current importance. This will not only help you in gaining more about web designing but also getting all the info at one stop.

Check out below the 20 most popular twitter accounts talking about web designing, front end development and more.






















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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are you looking for daily inspiration for web design and development tricks, tips and resources? There are many weblogs covering the topic of website design, development, tutorials, design tips, resources and freebies for professionals. Some of them have emerged as a brand in the blogging world, still there are tons of blogs that you might not heard of yet. Website designing and development is not that easy these days, due to changing trends every now and then, to cope up with them, we need to stay up-to-date with the new techniques, web technologies and methodologies for designing process.

We have separated needles from the haystack, thus collected 20+ most promising and best web design blogs to feed your inspiration. You must follow them on social media or subscribe their feed to stay updated. Take a look at the list below and hope it will help.



Best Design Tuts

Six revisions

Smashing Magazine

Design reviver

Webdesigner depot

Web Designer Wall


Design Mag

CSS Tricks

Web resources depot

Spoon Graphics

A list apart

The Design Inspiration

Inspired Mag

Creative Nerds




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