Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best of 5 New PHP Applications for Developers

There are numerous PHP based applications. Although the process to find the new and latest PHP applications is difficult but there are ways for professional coders to find the available codes. We have provided the best of 5 new PHP applications for developers that focus on high-end functionality and serve numerous we related requirements. ‘Unirest’ is a HTTP library that supports various languages other than PHP. It fast forwards web development processes. Some of the languages supported by Unirest are Python, .NET and JAVA. ‘PHP Mobile Detect’ is a PHP class that allows detection of mobile devices for web applications. It is lightweight which makes way for strong and interactive web platforms. ‘phpFreeChat’ as the name suggests come with a complete set of chat functions. Chat modules can be integrated into websites with the help of this PHP application. ‘Whoops’ is a library that reports errors in PHP. Debugging process becomes easier and developers will find great ease in developing things within Whoops. ‘phpFastCache’ is a PHP application that decreases load time for databases. It also increases loading of dynamic web applications.




PHP Mobile Detect



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