Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All of us are aware of the fact as to how important codes are for a website. Codes are the building blocks of a site and if not present in proper order, the whole website will crash and the visitor will get to see errors which mark the mistakes created in the coding. Now none of us want that to happen which is why there are a few great tools available which not only find out if the codes are proper, but also update the older codes in to new ones and increase the cross browser compatibility. Some of the best formatting and optimizing tools are ProCSSor, CSS Portal, Clean CSS, CSS Comb, Helium CSS and a few other good ones.


CSS Portal

Clean CSS

CSS Comb


Helium CSS


CSS Beautifier

CSS Lint



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Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Online Tools to Store and Share Files

The frequent storage and sharing of data through various devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets have made the cloud storage as one of the best choices among all the storage systems. The cloud storage, provides the remote space where the users can easily store their data and can access it, any time and from anywhere. Unlike the other storage devices, cloud storage does not require physical spaces for setup. In comparison to the traditional ways of backing up the data, online storage is much more cost effective and faster in process.  Moreover the security of data is also commendable, only if the user allows for the access of data, multiple users can access the data at the same time.

Check below 5 very useful file sharing and storage tools.
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

20+ Websites Where you can Buy Wordpress Themes

Undoubtedly, with the passage of time and the steep increase in online blogging, has brought WordPress on the fore front of the market. The amazing and astonishing themes of WordPress are in high demand yet most of the people deter to use them either due to the coding involved, or due to the high price associated with it. Well, the users have to simply shrug away all the worries as there are various websites that offer inexpensive themes. These themes are of high quality, unique, and are professionally designed as per the user’s requirements, and moreover do not require any coding lessons. Easy setup and free support tempts the users to buy the themes at once.

Below we have mentioned a list of few websites where you can buy wordpress themes at affordable price related to any category.






















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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Top 5 Jailbreak Apps for iOS 6

If you have jail broken your iOS 6 device it’s time to pat your back. Once the celebrations are over its time you start loading Jailbreak apps and play around on your freed device. One of the main reasons to jailbreak your iOS powered devices is to enjoy apps that Apple restricts you from enjoying. It is also the best way to break free from a restricted ecosystem and get the functionality you want from third party apps and also enjoy smaller tweaks to existing functionalities on your phone or tablet. Here are the top five jailbreak apps for iOS 6.





Springtomize 2

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Best Web Elements for PSD Files

Photoshop is the most preferred tool for designing websites in the world. It has a wide range of inbuilt tools that give shape to a designer’s imagination. Apart from these in-built tools there is large number of third-party tools that help designers create robust websites and web based applications. Some of these tools are

Mac App Mockup Kit

Dark Gray UI

Mobile and Web UI Kit

3D Web page Display

Free E-Commerce Icons

Newsletter Sign-up Form – PSD

Clean & Usable UI Kit

PSD Modern Vintage Stickers Badges

Leather Ribbons & Web Elements

Ribbons for Blog Articles

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