Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Infographics Designing Tools: 5 Best Apps

Infographics has taken a new dimension with the change of times. Previously it was known as a thing that represented a graphic designer’s excellence and used as a tool to bring out solely formal artworks.  Presently it has been linked with marketing and promotion. Effective Infographic requires effective tools.

We have discussed 5 best apps here.

All The Bells And Whistles’ is a popular app that engages interactive data illustration. PNG and PDF format files can be downloaded with this app. Emailing, publishing and data enabling becomes easier with this tool.


Interactive, Live And Mobile-Friendly’ involves a lot of fun in creating data. This allows people to create dynamic infographic designing of data.


Drag-And-Drop Templates Galore’ comes with numerous templates and boasts of 300,000 fans. Friendly graphics can be presented with this app.

Theme-Based Drag-And-Drop With Objects’ is a theme based application that approaches through WYSIWYG infographic creation.

Many Eyes V2:

Pre-Made Visualization Filters’ has no themes but data can be visually represented in 11 distinct ways.


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