Monday, June 24, 2013

The best about Ajax is when your website visitor clicks on something on an Ajax based application, there is very little lag time.  And the page clearly displays what your visitor asking for. Therefore, any wordpress-based website becomes more dynamic, powerful, and usable with Ajax.  With Ajax plugins you can send your wordpress site to the next level in terms of functionality and usability. The good news, numerous WP Ajax plugins are available free of charge and they are easy-to-install, so do not hesitate and make your website more friendly and fun without touching your pocket. BTW, whatever your Web hosting provider is, you can use those Ajax based plugins without troubles.

Simple Ajax Chat

Contact Form 7

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

Lightbox Plus ColorBox

Editorial Calendar

WP Ajax Edit Comments

WP Social Blogroll

Search in Place


Simple Cart & Buy Now


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