Friday, January 11, 2013

WordPress Blogs: Free V/S Self Hosted

WordPress, World's no. 1 CMS (Content Management System) platform in term of popularity, had stated its journey in the World of Internet as a blogging platform.

WordPress enables its users to work with flexible blogging option which are free WordPress blogs and self hosted WordPress blogs. Now there might be a question that strikes in your mind, What is the difference between these two blogging option and which one you should go for?

Here we have compiled a list of a few advantages and disadvantages of both of these platform. Check them out:

  1. Free WordPress Blog
Creating a free WordPress blog is quite easy, all you have to do is sign up with and your WordPress free blog is ready, Yes it is this simple.

  • No blog setup charges as this platform is available for free.
  • Free to manage and maintain a blog as this platform timely upgrades the software with security issues, bugs and any other error.
  • Being a part of World's no. 1 website developers community, you can get the most out of your free WordPress blog.

  • Free blog doesn't allows its users to upload any plugin other than WordPress own plugins.
  • Free blogs created with WordPress get some ads posted on it and if user want to get rid of those ads, then he/she have to pay for that.
  • One can't able to upload any third party theme on a WordPress free blog and even the customization of theme is also not possible with a free blog.

  1. Self Hosted WordPress Blog
For creating a self hosted WordPress blog, first you have to install WordPress software at your computer system and then you can manage your blog through that software.

  • Uploading and customization of third party themes are possible with self hosted WordPress blogs. A customized theme can give your blog entirely different and unique looks to make that stand out from other WordPress blogs that seems similar.
  • Self hosted blog enables you to avail the benefits of plethora of plugins developed by various WordPress developers around the globe.
  • Being the owner of a self hosted WordPress blog, one can have a full control over his/her blog. It is free of all the term and conditions of WordPress organization.
  • A self hosted WordPress blog allows its users to place ads over the blog.

  • Blog setup charges are applicable. One have to pay nominal fess for domain name and hosting.
  • One have to manage and maintain his/her blog by their own.
  • Upgrading of software is needed to be done by blog owner.


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