Monday, April 23, 2012

Steps to Make Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart more Secure

Ours is the age of technology and is dominated by the trend of online shopping. People across the world prefer to buy online. It not only saves time but also spares you the effort of going out and doing all the shopping. Moreover, almost everything is available online. You name it and you have it. Business organizations have realized the importance of ecommerce website development and the benefits offered by it. It t only improves a business' chances of gaining more potential customers but also helps in expanding the business. This is why a majority of businesses opt for ecommerce development.
It is a fact well known that when it comes to online shopping, people do not easily trust a website. They prefer to buy from credible, reliable and secure websites. If a website is not secure, it will be abandoned by visitors. And more often than not, the major reason behind shopping cart abandonment is the lack of security. Therefore, good security is a must for every ecommerce shopping cart. If an ecommerce store does not provide good security, it will not be trusted by visitors and consequently the business will suffer. Read further to find out how to make your ecommerce solution more secure.

Get the SSL certificate. When it comes to ensuring the credibility and consistency of an online store, an SSL security certificate is all you need. SSL stands for secures socket layer certificate.  SSL ensures secure communication and transmission of the customers personal information including credit card data back to the server or payment processing gateway. By employing an SSL certificate in your website, you can improve your web presence and can also enhance your conversion rate. An SSL certificate helps in conveying the message of safety to potential visitors; ultimately it will affect your conversion rate globally.
When you employ an SSL certificate it creates a secure connection of HTTPs. It also creates an icon of a padlock within the address bar. All the sensitive information provided by your visitors is kept protected through SSL certificates. You can get one from any one of the major brands like GeoTrust, VeriSign etc. To offer best security, you can opt for the strongest SSL security encryption levels which are 128 bit encryption and 256 bit encryption. However, the 256 bit encryption are highly recommended for the protection of online stores. With a strong SSL certificate, you can rest assured that all the sensitive information provided by your customers will be kept safe.

Another important thing you can do is to inform your customers. A business should be able to explain to its customers that their website is completely safe and secure. While it is important to maintain the security of the site, it is also equally important to have a clear and well planned security policy that a potential customer can read. It not only satisfies the visitors but also boosts their trust in your site. When a visitor lands on your site, the security policy helps in assuring him that the personal information provided by them will be kept safe. In absence of it, the chances are high that the visitors will abandon your site.
From the above discussion it is evident that security is very important for ecommerce solutions. Without offering quality security, an ecommerce website can not do well. If you follow the above mentioned points, you can make your shopping cart highly safe and secure and can expect a huge volume of traffic on your site. It will augur well for your business and it will fare well than the competitors. It will also help a lot in enhancing your business' reputation among visitors.

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