Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have you ever wondered what the most important aspect behind developing a website is? It is catering to the needs of your users or customers better. So the primary objective behind a good business web design is to develop a website  which is user friendly. What better way to achieve than opt for custom web development where you can incorporate features and functionalities to serve the needs of your end users. When you hire a web design company make sure they prioritize the users above all and know who your target audience is. Here a few important points which you should keep in mind while developing your website from the user point of view.
1. Welcome Them – The layout of your website should be simple and welcoming. Most of your users would come via the search engine and should be impressed with your website in the first look. Don’t be scared to leave huge amount of empty spaces in your website as they complement the content you have. Cluttered websites often act adversely in marketing your business and act as big turnoffs. For example, Google’s immense success can be attributed to its no-nonsense homepage.

2. Don’t Confuse Them – The last thing that you would want is to confuse your users with too much of information. Most users don’t read but scan through a website upon arrival and your website shouldn’t appear as a directory or business listing! Don’t hyperlink every second word or paragraph in your website. Let the users decide if they want to go deep into your website. You also need to make sure your website is uniform as distinctive layout  tend to confuse the users.
3. Don’t Make Them Wait – Does your webpage take longer than usual to render? You are scripting your own failure no matter how much of information you have inside. In today’s world where options are plenty a slow loading website would seldom gain popularity. Avoid long scrolling pages and make use of the Cascading Style Sheet to reduce the load time of your website. You don’t need to present everything to them on the landing page, let them browse through your website.

4. Stress on Usability – When you hire a web design company, ensure that the website is usable to the average Internet user.  The user should know where to go once he lands on your website. Do not incorporate fancy functions which make browsing your website a painful exercise. Avoid asking people to register unless your business model really needs it. This often annoys the users and turns him/her away from your website.

5. Communicate Effectively – You should deliver your message effectively with the use of written text, images and graphics.  This helps in catching the users attention in the place you want it. Avoid long paragraphs and over usage of images and graphics unless you really require them. Don’t beat around the bust and announce your USPs to the users as this catches the attention. For example, if you offer 10% discount on products and services compared to your customers highlight this in your homepage. 

6. Let Them Navigate Easily – Navigation plays a key role in business web design. The users should know where he/she is and how to navigate to a section containing the information he/she wants. Categories the information logically making it easy for the users to go from one section of the website to another. Make sure your website has a good search engine embedded in it which makes search information easily. For large websites using bread-crumbs in the footer would be a good idea.


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