Thursday, March 1, 2012

When it comes to creating a website, it is imperative to pay attention to the quality of web design. After all, a design is the soul of the site. It gives a site its identity and helps in establishing its brand value. Therefore, it should be ensured that you have a quality business web design. When going for custom web development, it is important to ensure that the web design company offers all the requisite and latest features. This will guarantee a highly attractive, interactive and user friendly website. Mentioned below are some of the most  important features which you should not forget to include in your website.

1. Content: When designing a website, you must adhere to the saying- content is the king. One of the most important features of a quality web design is a relevant and fresh content. Content plays the pivotal role of conveying to the visitors about your website and its purpose. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have a design with  informative, well written and fresh content. With quality content, you can expect good search engine visibility and a good volume of traffic.

2. Easy Navigation: Navigation can prove to be the lifeline for your site. An easy and user friendly navigation ensures more visitors and a longer stay at your site. It also helps in enhancing the user experience. In fact, without a good navigation, no web design can be termed as good. Most of the times, it is observed that websites have poor navigation. This annoys visitors and leads to confusion. Consequently they eave the site and it only contributes in increasing the bounce rate of your site. A simple and clear navigation can prove to be the strength of your site.

3. User experience: When designing a site, you must pay heed to user experience. After all, a website is designed to cater to users. And it will fail if it does not take care of the user experience. You must ensure that your design is user friendly and is easy on eye. The colors, font size, and images should be such that they help in enhancing the overall user experience. You must ensure the right and appropriate use of the white space, correct graphics etc.

4. SEO: Another very important feature of a good web design is quality SEO. Your design should be search engine friendly and should help in proper search engine optimization. For this, a web design should have proper meta tags, title tags, links and header tags. Image files should be named correctly. It is better to name them with a main keyword. All these things will ensure that search engine spiders are able to crawl on your site and index your pages.

5. Quick Downloads: When designing a site, you should also include the facility for quick downloads. Do not include heavy graphics, images, videos and irrelevant sound files in your design. They only increase the download time of your pages. And if you make your visitors wait for too long, they will definitely switch to some other website. Hence, do not include any irrelevant file or  image in the design.

6. Sitemap: Sitemap is a very important part of a good web design. It serves a very important purpose, that is to familiarize the visitors with the structure of your site and also help them to find out quickly what they are looking for. With a good sitemap, you can rest assured that visitors will never lose their way on your site. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a good sitemap included in your design.


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