Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 3 Open Source CMS Platforms Developed in PHP

CMS or content management systems have changed the way websites are developed and maintained. In fact a lot of credit for the popularity of websites among medium and small businesses has to go to CMS web development solutions. The main reason for their popularity is the fact that they make sure a user can update the website using a web based interface. Most of the popular content management systems have been developed in PHP. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the three most popular CMS. In fact Joomla development, WordPress development, and Drupal development account for a substantial market share of the CMS development.

1. WordPress – It is undoubtedly the most popular content management system in the world. Initially developed as a blogging platform WordPress development finds its usage in a wide range of websites. It is easy to install and allows you to build websites in a short time span. The ease of use makes it the first among the equals when it comes to PHP based open source content management systems. An average user can manage a WordPress website using the web based interface without touching the codes.    

There are a lot of themes and plugins which make this an ideal platform to manage corporate website or a blog. These allow you to get the exact look and functionality that you wish to have in your website. Alternately one can easily develop unique websites using PSD to WordPress development technique.  The only drawback, WordPress was never meant to be used to manage complex websites and for such website you will have to look beyond this amazing CMS solution.   

2. Joomla – If you are looking to develop a website with advanced functionality look nowhere else. No matter what your business demands are, Joomla development will have the perfect answer for your needs. Though the learning curve may be steeper than WordPress but Joomla generate cleaner codes. It is modular in nature which makes it highly scalable and being object oriented that serves ideal for all.   

It allows you to develop highly customized website with the use of modules or third-party plugins. This open source CMS is backed by a strong and active community of developers who constantly scrutinize this platform to improve its stability and performance. Joomla is high on the security features which add to its advantage.   

3. Drupal – What is it that separates Drupal from WordPress and Joomla? It is the scale at which this CMS solution performs. If you are planning to build large website with numerous sections and a wide range of functionality Drupal development is the perfect choice for you. It is loved by many developers as it can run from any computing platform that supports both a web server and a database. It also allows third parties to add applications and is often referred to as content management framework.    

The complex functions can be achieved easily in Drupal as most of the coding process is automated and this brings down the time required to develop a website. Unlimited user permission can be created in Drupal which isn’t possible with Joomla and WordPress. The only lack side is the fact that you don’t have that many options with themes as you get in WordPress and Joomla.

To draw maximum mileage out of these CMS web development solutions you need the services of a web development company which has expertise in these territories. Make sure they can build websites from scratch and use manual coding methods as this will give you an edge when it comes to search engine visibility of your website.


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