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Anybody who is aware about the world of website design and development, must have come across the term Landing Page, a tad too often. But have we ever wondered, what exactly does a landing page means? Even more so, how is it different from the other pages of the website and most importantly, why does the web design and development experts emphasis on developing a landing page, optimizing the same for better results.

In this write up, we shall understand the meaning of the landing pages, differentiate it from the other website's pages and learn the importance of the same.

A business website is a collection of pages

A complete business web design comprises of various pages. If you own a complete website, you must have various pages in it, for instance the homepage, the about us page, Products and Service page, and the page addressing Frequently Asked Questions etc.

Landing page is a single page

Straightly put, landing page is just one of the pages in the website. It is a single most optimized page which is being strictly designed to cater one specific purpose and has a single goal. This goal could be to sell the products and services, to push sign ups, to address various inquiries etc.

Homepage also acts as the landing page

The homepage of the website, by default acts out to be the landing page as well. However, it is not necessary that the landing page, shall always be the homepage of the website. In fact, in practice, the price and services or the products and services page is the landing page for a website. By targeting the same page through various paid and unpaid optimization methods, one can direct the visitors to land on the landing page and directly do what is anticipated from them.

However, a user may reach the website through various sources. You cannot target each and every source to direct the users towards the landing page. Thus, even if you are not targeting at your home page, it still acts like the landing page. It is in most of the cases, the first page any of the user would see and hence it must contain the precise and effective summary of the entire business undertakings.

Thus, not only you need to optimize the landing page, but also make the homepage of your website effective, enriched with keywords and key phrases, and optimize the content so that all of the business activities are mentioned in it.

Landing page could be a single page or multiple pages

Undoubtedly the homepage is the page where most of the users are expected to land. However, the landing page could be a single page of the complete business web design. As told above, it is usually the products and services page, or the price and sign up page, whose major task is just to generate more leads and call for instant action on the parts of the users.

However, it is not required that the landing page could be a single most page. A business website design may consists of a collection of landing pages. For instance if some one is dealing with cars, he may have two separate landing pages – one dealing with the sale of cars and other dealing with car repairs and maintenance etc.

Developing a good landing page

A good landing page is what gives the customers with complete information, so that they would not have to look any further. It must be concise, meaningful and specific in purpose. You may hire a custom web development company, to build glorious websites, with highly effective and action oriented landing pages.

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