Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A logo is a unique entity which on its own represents the corporate house. A logo can be viewed as the sole pictorial representation of what the business is all about, what is it's ideologies and what exactly does it stands for. Though at times, a logo only includes the first alphabet of the name of the organization or is designed on the similar lines, but even the design speaks volumes about the corporate entity. A sleek, crisp and unique design soon gains the reverence of the users, where as an insipid and old design discourages the users from using the products or services of the business house.
Redesigning the Logo – A cumbersome task
Redesigning the logo of the enterprise is anything but an easy task. To begin with, the logo has represented the business entity for a long time now and there has been a lot of conditioned learning that the users have gone through. So, whether they like it or not, they do seem to identify the business with the current design. Provided that, if the redesign is not carried out in a systematic and efficient way, it may be a devastating blow to the business. A redesign has to be better than the existing design and much more easy to comprehend. Following are the reasons which suggests its time to change the logo of your enterprise.

Signs You Need a Logo Update
  • If the design of the logo has got old — it may be possible that at the time of designing the logo, the color scheme that you choose was trendy and up beat but with the time it has fallen off the sacks and is not really as appealing as it used to be. In short, every design has a life of its own and your design has simply grown old.
  • Secondly, it may also be possible that with time your enterprise may have gone on to expand and cover a lot of different aspects, and the present logo is no longer capable enough of representing all that your enterprise stands for now.
  • Lastly, a shift in the audience group may also out date the logo. It is likely that the same design would mean two completely different things for different types of audience, especially in cross cultural environment. Thus if you are going global or planning to penetrate in new user markets, a change of design of the logo is a must.
Your logo design is ambiguous – the main purpose behind designing the logo of the business entity is to leave a distinct mark on your customers – regular, prospected or otherwise. A clear indication that your business logo is ambiguous is when the customers fail to relate the logo with the enterprise. It may also be possible that the design of the logo looks good in color version but fails to impress in the black and white or vice versa.
Survey your customers, and if they fail to remember the logo, it is the time to change the same.

Tips for a Successful Logo Makeover
If you have made up your mind to redesign the logo of the website, the following tips are a must follow, in order to avoid any disaster and come up with a good design.
  • Carry out a detailed research — it is imperative for you to run a back ground check and do your research before carrying out the redesigning process. Search through the libraries and of redesigning logos. Check the existing ones and the redesigned ones. Also check which of the designs worked and which of them did not etc.
  • Know your reasons for changing the logo design — the two major reasons have been discussed in detail, above, and whatever the reason is, it is imperative for you to clearly know it before moving ahead in the process of redesign. This will play a crucial role in the entire process of redesigning.
  • Think if its just a modification or a complete overhaul — the reason why you are changing the logo decides whether you just need to modify it a little or for a complete overhaul. A little modifications can be carried out easily but complete overhaul is quite a big step and must be taken carefully.
  • Understand the important aspects of the current design — carry out a complete study of the website and understand which of the parts / elements you would want to keep even if you are opting for a complete overhaul of the design.
  • The systematic hit and trial method — at the time of redesigning, the intelligent step is to come up with more than one, may be three close contenders of the design and then perhaps distribute the same in the office staff, ask your colleagues etc. and ask them to pick their favorites. The one which gets the maximum votes, is your new logo design. 

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