Wednesday, December 14, 2011

PHP is the most widely used technical assistance for the purpose of developing dynamic web pages. It is a general purpose server side scripting language which offers robust web development and the PHP based codes can be easily inserted into the HTML documents to help you obtain a highly animated and extremely web compatible website.

Over the time, the PHP technology has been smartly exploited to reveal some of the most promising and highly advantageous web application development platforms which are made available to the users for free. These platforms are also known as open source content management systems and provide easy options for users to develop a web application. Content management system, as the name suggests, aims to manage all the content of the website. And the content includes every display material of your website – be it the written content, the images, videos and etc.

The reason why these CMSs are called open source is because their source code is available for free and they can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Along with letting you effectively manage your website, they provide your web application with highly resourceful functionalities and features. The three most popular and widely used open source CMS are discussed below:

1. WordPress:

WordPress is an award winning open source CMS and perhaps the most widely used and popular one. It was developed in the year 2003, as a sturdy platform for publishing blogs, but soon owing to its ease of use and amazing functionalities, it was customized into a CMS for the website. Having WordPress based web application is as simple as having a Facebook account and working with Microsoft Excel. The most profitable feature of WordPress development is that it is extremely search engine friendly and support plugin architecture, due to which its scope and functionality can be increased as and when required, just by adding a suitable plugin.

2. Joomla: 

Where WordPress was a simple and search engine friendly solution for website development, Joomla is more feature rich and advanced and supports high end requirements of the website. The Joomla CMS has been used by various big organizations like MTV Networks, Quizilla, Harvard University, Citibank and etc. Joomla is preferred solution by entrepreneurs with professional business needs as it provides you with simple systems to control inventory, tools for reporting data, designing custom products catalog, communication tools and a lot more. Joomla development is perhaps the best solution for you if you need a highly feature rich website but lack the technical knowledge. You needn't learn the technology, or train your staff in the same to manage Joomla based websites, as the entire content management is extremely self explanatory and comforting.

3. Drupal: 

Drupal is the ultimate solution for developing a large scale and highly extensive website. Drupal based websites are extremely scalable and is the best solution for website needing highly interactive features. Drupal Development allows user account management. Interactive graphical user interface, RSS feeds, customization of page layout, effective management of the menu. Along with managing your users with various levels of permission, Drupal CMS provides you with high end social networking options to make your website much more engaging, supports multimedia elements to make it more animates and impressive, And that’s not all, Drupal CMS also provides additional functionalities to your website, such as meaningful discussion forums, easy blogging platform, high end shopping cart integration with the existing CMS, highly impressive and pixel perfect photo galleries and a lot more. Besides this, with the help of Drupal Modules, you can anytime add new features to your Drupal cms design. Just for the record Drupal provides more than 6000 modules to its users.


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