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HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is perhaps the most popular languages in the world that is used to script the documents of any application of website so that it can be viewed in any browser. And HTML Tags or HTML Elements are used to create these documents. To write HTML Tags in proper manner, it is very important to present the content on any website in such a manner that it can be searched easily on different search engines. The scenario becomes more difficult when you got to know that some of the HTML Tags are not supported by all the browsers and then you have to make correction in the markup language codes to make it compatible with most of the browsers.
<!--...--> l <!doctype> l <a> l <abbr> l <acronym> l
<address> l <applet> l <area> l <b> l <base> l
<basefont> l are some of the HTML Tags. 
All these codes are divided into various categories. Title Tags, Header Tags and ALT Text are some of the most important HTML Tags which are used for Search Engine Optimization.

Importance of HTML Title Tags for Search Engine Optimization
There are two ways to do SEO for any website – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. When you think about On Page SEO, HTML Title Tags is the most important methods.  Search Engine Rank of a website depends on the keywords used on the page. Through Title Tags, one can incorporate those keywords in the Title Tag to optimize the visibility of the site when those particular keywords are searched. Keywords are very crucial for promotion of a website and hence, you should not shy away from using the same in the Title. For example, instead of writing:
One can write:
<TITLE>SEO (Search Engine Optimization)</TITLE>
Further, while writing Title Tags, your keywords should be placed in the beginning. For example if the keyword is “Search Engine Optimization,” your Title Tag should be:
<Search Engine Optimization services at affordable cost> rather than writing:
<We offer affordable Search Engine Optimization>.

You should not use the keywords more than the requirements, as it could cause the issue of keyword stuffing that may even downgrade the ranking of your website. To avoid this problem, keep synonyms of the keywords in the Title Tags.  Keep the Title Tag short and simple. It should not be more than 65 characters long.

Importance of HTML Header Tags for Search Engine Optimization 
Header Tags, which are used to define the heading in HTML, are also very crucial. These Tags are written in following manner:
<H1>Search Engine Optimization</H1>
<H2>Search Engine Positioning</H2>

H1 is used to define the Main Heading and H2 to H6 are used to define the sub headings. Header Tags are used to tell about the content of your page to search engines.

Importance of HTML ALT Text for Search Engine Optimization 

ALT Text elements are used to describe the content of an image to the viewers as well as to search engines. Search engines can read images, but they can read alt tag given within image.
<IMG SRC="seo.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="100" ALT="search engine optimization.">

Importance of HTML Bold or Strong Tags for Search Engine Optimization 

Bold or Strong Tags are used to emphasise on the keywords. These are written in following manner:

Thus, describing the elements in proper manner is very significant. If your website has got some HTML errors, Search Engines would find it difficult to read the content of the site and grab the keywords reducing the ranks of the site. On the other hand if you have rightly described the HTML elements and highlighted the keywords, it would be picked up by search engines promoting your site on those keywords.

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