Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Must-haves for All Small Business Websites

The world wide web has, over recent years, experienced a vast influx in the number of websites. The remarkable increase in the number of websites can be attributed to the advance in technology and advantages offered by websites to businesses. Not all websites can be termed as standard sites. Some of them quite poorly designed. When it comes to small-business websites, they generally lack a professional touch and quality content. Discussed below are the 10 must-haves for all small business websites.

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1.About us page: When a visitor lands on your website, the very first thing he looks out for is what products and services you offer. An about us page is a must which should explain clearly about your services.

2.Simple web address: There is no point in making things complicated unnecessarily. A domain name is nothing less than a brand. It should be simple enough so that a user can easily type it in the web browser.

3.Easy navigation process: This is very important. A website should have an easily navigable design. The important pages and sitemaps should be placed at appropriate places. It is always better to use dropdowns in the navigation menu. This way users can easily see the content under every heading from virtually any page.

4.Contact information: This is also equally important. Some times lack in communication may result in you losing a potential customer. By providing the contact information you make it easier for visitors to contact you. It is important to place the contact information at the right place. Do not make your visitors work hard in finding your contact information. Most of them are in a hurry and may leave your site in frustration. The best place to put your contact information is at the top left or top right corner of the home page. Try to provide contact information in every page.

5.Client testimonials: Always provide your customers' testimonials. This increases the confidence of visitors in your website. It also helps them to know about the kind of products and services you offer.

6.Call to action: It is important to tell the visitors what you want them to do. If you want them to call you for a free sample, provide special buttons with highlighted text which enables them to do so.

7.SEO knowledge: It is extremely important to have the basic knowledge about search engine optimization. It can help you to make your site accessible by search engines. The site should be coded correctly and correct keywords should be used throughout the text.

8.Quality and relevant content: Content counts a lot. Relevant and fresh content helps to boost the traffic volume and increases the SEO as well.

9.Secure hosting platform: You must have a secure web hosting to protect your online information form being hijacked.

10.User friendly design: Most importantly, you site should have a simple and user friendly web design to keep the visitors hooked to it.

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  1. Very well put - especially that part about quality content. So so so important.