Thursday, January 27, 2011

Factors Deciding the Web Designing Cost

Web designing is a crucial and deciding aspect of a web development project. The success rate of a website depends on the web design to a large extent. Therefore, it is imperative to have a visually appealing and user friendly web design. There is no dearth of web designers. You just need to search online and you will find a number of them offering different web designing services. As a website comprises of many components, and different designers charge different prices, there is no single factor deciding the price of the web design. However, there are some basic aspects which can help you determine an approximate figure of the web designing cost.

Scope of the project: The cost of a web designing project varies depending on various factors like business requirements, customer preferences, design expectations, level of strategic input and type of functionality. If there are any further enhancements and add on features, they will also affect the custom web development cost. You also need to consider domain names, server maintenance, and content management system.

Type of design: The complexity or the simplicity of the web design plays a big role in deciding the cost of the web design. A website having number of pages, multiple layout, content, media etc. will definitely require a bigger budget. If modules like gallery, blog or ecommerce website development/designing is required, it will further increase the cost.

Skills and experience: If you hire a good reputed company with a huge experience, you will definitely have to shell out more money. But they guarantee you the timely delivery of the project. They also ensure that the web design is created keeping all specific requirements in mind. You can hire a freelance designer if you have a limited budget.

Constant Maintenance: More often than not, people do not care to look beyond the web design. They think once the design is done, nothing more needs to be done. On the contrary, you need to constantly maintain the web design to ensure that your website keeps functioning properly. Hiring a good company may cost a little extra, but they provide all the maintenance, technical support, and content management system.

Online Marketing: This is of paramount importance. There is no point developing a website if you can’t make the visitors find it. For this a proper marketing strategy is required. This will ensure that your website gets a good volume of relevant traffic. This will require some more investment and you need to plan accordingly.

Premium services: These are the services you really can not afford to do without. If you want your corporate website design to be pixel perfect, you need to invest more for custom coding and premium designers. Services like flexible content entry, 24/7 technical support, bigger web server space, faster connections, better patched severs and full domain name management will surely cost you more, but will also guarantee that your website will work better in the long term.

These are some of the factors which can help you estimate the cost of your web design.

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  1. I agree with you that scope of project, skills required to do designing and type of design are one of the most important factors in deciding the cost of the designing.