Thursday, December 30, 2010

Use of Graphics in Web Designing

Graphics are an integral and crucial part of a web design. Good graphics play an important role in attracting visitors to a website. Although it should be ensured that graphics should not slow down your website. It should be able to covert visitors into prospective clients. Well designed graphics can help you achieve this. A good graphic image can convey all the information to the visitors and provides a good business website design. There are some important factors which need to be considered.

Web Design Graphics

Header Graphics are present on the home pages of websites. You have only few seconds to catch the attention of visitors and impress them. Thus, your header graphics should be captivating and mesmerizing. It should make the visitors go through other pages of your website. Try to have low resolution graphics or have both versions for high bandwidth users and low bandwidth users. Try not to use too large images as they slow down the loading time of your website. Refrain from using graphics excessively as it will lend a too cluttered look to your site and slow down its loading time.

It is all about the first impression. It matters a lot. Try to show the visitors what they are looking for. You can impress them by making use of right picture graphics at right places. Background graphics are equally important. However, most of the web designers neglect this important aspect. This can prove to be a costly mistake. Try to create a background graphic which makes a good impression on the viewers. The overall theme of the website should be kept in mind.

Graphics in web designing

There should be clarity in the web design. The over-stuffing only repels the visitors. Ensure that the design is simple, clear and user friendly. The color scheme should be chosen carefully. The color should not be too bright or too dull. It should commensurate with the background graphics. The text should be clearly visible.

Contrast is an important factor and plays an important role in graphics designing. The contrast effects catch the attention of visitors. An improper contrast can make all your efforts go down the drain. Make sure that the content of your website is in an easy to read format. Pay special attention to the font size and alignment of the text.

Therefore, it is clear that graphics play a very important role in business and corporate website design. In fact, graphics are an integral part of a web design.

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