Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A website is the base of every online business, whose main purpose is to attract targeted visitors. A website with its attractive design can attract visitors and inspire them to revisit the website. But how those visitors come to the website? There are many sources through which you can bring visitors to your website. But the most effective source from where you can get potential customers is the search engines. Search Engine visitors are easily converted into customers.

Now the question is how to get search engine visitors? For this you must have a search engine friendly website that could be easily ranked on search engines. To make your website SEO friendly you need to follow some web design tips.

Web Design Tips to make your website SEO friendly:

1) Create your navigation on Top: Never create menu on the left hand side of the website. It should always be on top.

2) Effective use of Headlines: Headline plays an important role in search engine optimization of a website. Main targeted keyword of the web page should be contained in heading using the h1 tag.

3) Use of Title and Description tags: Title and description tags of every page should contain the targeted keywords of that page.

4) Don't use Flash: Avoid use of flash in the website, as search engines can't read flash pages easily. Use of flash also make your website slow.

5) Use relevant Graphics: Use of graphics should be done with due care. Graphics should be relevant to content. Also use alt tag containing the relevant keyword for graphics.

6) Use text links instead of Image links: Avoid use of images to link pages. Use of text links is much better than image links from SEO point of view.

7) Avoid use of frames: Pages with frames are difficult to crawl for some search engines. Frames can't be easily indexed, so avoid using  frames.

8) Use simple tables: Layout of pages should be very simple for easy crawling. Avoid using complex tables as it slow down the crawling process on your website by search engines.

9) Use of CSS: Cascading style sheets(CSS) help in reducing the page sizes and make the downloading faster. CSS based web pages are easily and quickly crawled by search engine crawlers.

10) Use Standard HTML: Use of HTML editors while designing should be done wisely. Some HTML editors leave too much unnecessary code on the page, which increase the page size.


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