Monday, November 1, 2010

Use of Joomla is the most popular choice for website development. Joomla is used to create simple as well complex websites. Complex websites which require advanced functionality can be easily built with joomla. Joomla offers lots of features with advanced plug-ins support which makes joomla a complete web development platform. Use of Joomla for website development has many benefits.

Benefits of using Joomla for Website Development:
  • Joomla CMS is very easy to use. Anyone having a little knowledge can easily use Joomla. One can easily add/edit/delete pages, text, images etc. through joomla CMS.

  • A joomla website can be viewed in multiple languages. Non-English users of the website can easily switch to the available language they want to use. This feature provided by Joomla is very helpful for the visitors and website owner as well, because a website in multiple languages don't loose its non-English users.

  • Joomla is a good option when you have many authors working on the same website. A joomla website can be easily accessed by many authors at the same time. This features is helpful in saving lots of time, because now authors don't have a need to wait for designers and programmers to upload their content.

  • Multiple users access is an another feature of a joomla website. Multiple users can access a joomla website based on the the permissions given to them.

  • Joomla offers a good template support through which one can easily change the design of an existing joomla website. You can choose any of the joomla template for your website and change the design at any time with a great ease.

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