Monday, October 4, 2010

There are many web design mistakes that occur in websites. These mistakes can give your website a bad design and make the website less user friendly, which is not good for your business perspective. There is a need to give a perfect design and look to a website, so that your visitor couldn't leave your website. Here we will talk about common web design mistakes that should be avoided.

25 Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid:

  1. Do not Overuse Flash on website
  2. Do not open pages in new windows
  3. Do not force for registration unless it is necessary
  4. Do not use any hidden text
  5. Do not use very small font size
  6. Do not use fancy fonts that are unreadable
  7. Do not fix the browser window size
  8. Do not place music player on your website
  9. Avoid Keywords stuffing
  10. Do not use too many images
  11. Do not place advertisements into content
  12. Avoid drop down menus
  13. Avoid blinking text
  14. Do not make navigation very complex for visitors
  15. Do not use same color for visited and unvisited links
  16. Avoid to use pop ups on website
  17. Avoid horizontal scrolling
  18. Do not make very long pages
  19. No spelling and grammatical mistakes
  20. Avoid to use java scripts links
  21. Do not use very harsh colors
  22. Avoid animated GIFs
  23. Do not underline text unnecessarily
  24. Do not disable right clicks
  25. Do not break back button on browser


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