Friday, October 1, 2010

PHP which stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side scripting language which is used by web developers to create database driven applications. There are many other scripting language, but why PHP is most popular. What are the benefits of using PHP? Here we will discuss some primary advantages of PHP programming language.

Benefits of PHP Web Development:
  • PHP can be easily embedded into HMTL.
  • PHP is having low development an maintenance cost.
  • PHP supports open source programming which is free of cost.
  • Customization is easy with PHP. New features and functionality can be added at any time as per the customer's requirements.
  • PHP is highly reliable and secure programming language.
  • PHP is having compatibility with all major operating systems, browsers and web servers
  • Large business applications and corporate websites can be easily made with PHP.
  • PHP provides support for all major database servers like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.
  • PHP is a good option to create ecommerce applications, discussion forums and blogs.


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