Friday, October 8, 2010

Ecommerce Software is the most popular choice for Shopping Cart Development. Ecommerce provides the most cheaper and efficient solution to businesses. There are many online businesses who have opted ecommerce for their online store. Open source E-commerce applications are more popular due to providing cheaper solutions. Top 10 Ecommerce website development software have been given below:

1) Magento

Magento offers lots of strong features for users as well as admin. Magento offers a good feature of multi store functionality, through which multiple stores can be managed under one admin panel.

2) Fortune3

Fortune3 is a very advanced E-commerce software which has all the features and support to manage an online store.

3) OXID esales

This E-commerce software provides support for B2C, B2B and social commerce scenarios.

4) Prestashop

Prestashop offers features to create special deals such as gift vouchers, price reductions, tag products etc.

5) OsCommerce

Oscommerce is one of the oldest E-commerce software. It provides support for most of the payment systems and several marketing options. Oscommerce also has multilingual support.

6) Digistore

Digistore has development from Oscommerce. It is an improved version of Oscommerce with added functionality in front end and admin panel.

7) OpenCart

OpenCart is a PHP based open source Ecommerce solution. An important feature of this application is that customers can write their own review on any product.

8) Freeway

It offers some advanced ideas to sell. This software can be implemented to sell guitar lessons or rent a tennis court on any given date and time.

9) Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a free user friendly shopping cart software. This Ecommerce software has been developed by a group of shop owners, programmers, designers and consultants.

10) Spree

Spree is another Ecommerce Software developed in ruby on rails. Spree supports most of the payment processors with active merchant plugin.


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