Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Advantages of Using CSS in Web Design

CSS is known as Cascading Style Sheet, which is used to add styles in web pages. By using a CSS file, style code can be separated from the actual content of the web page. This reduces the size of actual web page and makes the website light weighted. 

Use of CSS has number of advantages. Let's discuss some of the major advantages of using CSS in Website Designing.

  • If you want to change font style or color on all the web pages, then you only need to edit a single style sheet and all the web pages will get the same look.
  • CSS helps in reducing the file sizes, as you don't need the write the same code on all the web pages.
  • Use of CSS speed up the loading of pages, because style code is contained in only one style sheet. 
  • You can save a lot of time using cascading style sheet, as you don't need to adjust the style code on different pages.
  • You can easily control the layout and whole structure of website using CSS.
  • A CSS based website is more liked by search engines. Because search engine crawlers can easily reach to actual content instead of crawling all the style codes.


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